Welcome to Where Is My Money

  • Where Is My Money helps you regain control over your personal finances.
  • You get a continuous overview of your expenses and you can always see how you spend your money.
  • Discover new ways to reduce costs, detect hidden expenses and start saving money.

Why you should use Where Is My Money:

Savings potential

Where Is My Money is a household accounting software which provides you which with huge savings opportunities.

Depending on your way of live you can save 10% - 30% of your spending by determining unnecessary or undervalued expenses and by gradually optimizing your personal buying patterns.

Ease of use

Household accounts only provide any gain if they are kept current. Where Is My Money makes it easy to capture all your spending without too much effort.

You are not limited to fixed categories. You can create your own structures by using tags. Do you want to list everything in great detail or do you want to finish quickly? With Where Is My Money you can do both.

Useful features

Where Is My Money supports you entering your data.

You can simply enter your expenses in a coarse fashion and flesh them out at a more convenient time by splitting existing expenses.

Recurring expenses are detected and will be proposed automatically.

Major features:


Tags allow you to assign your expenses to groups. Unlike classical categories an expense item can be assigned to multiple groups.

You are free to use a very coarse or a very fine grained tag system, or anything in between. You are also free to decide on how to categorize your expenses.

Additionally you can assign colors to your tags to better distinguish between different kinds of tags. Also you can provide a description text if you want to take personal notes on your tag system.

Of course you can assign a textual description to any expense item and if you want to use a classic category system, that feature is available, too.


You can define flexible limits for your spending. You can define the amount limit, the period and the kind of the expense.


  • $50 for DVDs per quarter.
  • $20 for drinks or visits to the cinema per week
  • $700 total per month.

You can see the use of your budgets at all times. You can also see budgets which are about to be maxed out soon. That way you can change your spending behavior before actually spending the money.


To spare you any unnecessary typing Where Is My Money automatically provides proposals for tags:

When you add a tag to an item, Where Is My Money proposes additional tags you have often combined with that tag.

When you input an amount to an item, Where Is My Money proposes the tags you commonly used in relation to that amount.

If you often enter similar or recurring items you often just have to enter the amount and accept the proposals.

Online Access

You can access Where Is My Money wherever and whenever you like. It doesn't matter if you prefer Windows, Linux or Apple, workstations, smartphones or tablets. Where Is My Money will work as long as you have an online connection and an up-to-date internet browser.

That way you can enter a new item directly after checking out while you are still in the store. Or during your lunch break at work or in the evening on the couch.


The charts of Where Is My Money provide you with an overview of your expenses. You can quickly see where your money is spent and discover savings potential.

You can discover tendencies and track developments. That way you can see if a savings measure proved to be successful or where small but gradual increases are hidden.

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